We Take a Different Approach

Improving occupancy starts with improving sales and marketing. It’s just a fact. A marketing “audit” or review of your current marketing program helps give you a fresh perspective on your sales and marketing efforts and offers creative solutions to achieve goals.

The effectiveness of your marketing program is a critical element in the success of your community and therefore requires very specific attention. The purpose of the Murdock Sales and Marketing Review is to gain an accurate assessment of your marketing and sales operations, assess economic and other external conditions that could be impacting sales, and to provide ideas and recommendations for corrective action that would positively impact the sales volume.

Our approach is unique- we look at all aspects that could be negatively impacting your occupancy, from lead generation to first-impressions to the admission or move-in process. And, we don’t just diagnose, but we prescribe helpful cost-effective solutions and recommendations that clients can implement that will bolster short-term sales and occupancy but also to improve the long-term sustainability of a sales and marketing program.

The Murdock on-site evaluation and review seeks to address the following topics:

At the conclusion of a two-day on-site, in-depth review, Murdock presents the observations and assessments made during the evaluation along with sound, justifiable recommendations that your community can use to improve marketing efforts and, therefore, achieve the occupancy success you seek. Call us at 405-253-4100 to learn more.


Murdock Marketing has proven to be invaluable in the evaluation of the various sales and marketing scenarios at play throughout our various communities. Murdock has been instrumental in defining new plans and strategies, implementing new tools and training staff. We look forward to similar successes with Murdock at our other locations.

J. Ishmael
Vice President of Business Operations
Christian Homes, Inc.

Murdock Marketing has been a critical factor in helping our community determine our best and most efficient marketing strategies. We’ve been very pleased with not only their knowledge and commitment to increasing our occupancy but also the encouraging way they have worked with our staff already in place to meet our overall community occupancy goals.

Blake Fail
University Village, Tulsa OK